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Pauly Long

Testicle Time Hoodie

Testicle Time Hoodie

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Every piece of FEVRI clothing is made to help push you through a barrier and break it. We are born into a world full of lies, manipulation, and control. We are taught to play it safe, never take risk, and settle for less. We are told to live in fear that bad things are always bound to happen to anyone that lives outside of the "norm". This is bullshit. Complete utter bullshit.

Impulsive Towards Impossible. That's our motto. Be impulsive towards the things that most people say "can't or shouldn't be done". Our clothing is a way of reminding ourselves that we can smash through any wall that Life puts in front of us. No matter how big, no matter how high. And now, it's our way of reminding YOU of the same.

FEVRI Brand clothing is made for those who aren't afraid to go against the grain. For those who understand that they're capable of so much more. For those who are tired of being held back by all the fear-mongered sheep that surround them and are ready to explode into the next challenge of life head-on.

Be Impulsive Towards Impossible. Be FEVRI.
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